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"When your happy at you know it, SMILE!"

Happy Birthday Babytard!

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4 days ago


Excited for date night in Seattle! Our babysitter just showed up!

1 week ago

Baby Swag!

1 week ago

Tummy Time!

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2 weeks ago
Anonymous: Which video is it when Carlie's son tells shay and Casey dad

ShayCarl & Casey Lavere Talk More About Being A Dad!!! Fatherhood Part II: THEMOMSVIEW" I’m not sure if thats the video you’re looking for but Carlie does mention it :)

4 weeks ago
Anonymous: Which vlog is when Rocktard loves a kind of juice that shay made and just chugs it all?? I am DIEING to know!!


4 weeks ago
Anonymous: is there a vlog with cesar?

ARE YOU GOING TO CRY?" He’s in the green shirt between Gage and Brock. And when Shay’s in the parking garage you can see him running behind Shay and the kids are chasing him and saying his name :)

1 month ago