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taylorswift the small child knows you’ve found her and she has a message for you!!!!

3 days ago


Who is this child and how do I find her??

1 week ago

Everyone pray for Daxton! :(

1 week ago

Congrats to Shay on his Streamy Award! 

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Thanks so much for 5k ! It means so much to me that I have that many followers. And I got them all on my own! Last September I was celebrating 1k ! It’s crazy how many followers I gained in just one year! And I only started this blog in March of 2013. It’s crazy to see how far I have come! Thankyou! <3 . And I know I haven’t been active lately, but I’m gonna try to be more active! Thanks again ❤️❤️

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Old Wedding Pictures!

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Baby Swag!

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Tummy Time!

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